Universal Pain Center

Welcome to Universal Pain Center. We bring 10 Years of experience providing the people of the Milwaukee Metro area, and all of Wisconsin, with solutions to their chronic pain. Our commitment to help our patients live better lives, free of pain.

What was once a dream for our founding partners at Universal Pain Center, became a great reality as they saw the potential to help. Most of the patients in the area at that time did not have many options of where they could get help in quality pain management. Now together with our highly skilled group of pain specialists, the doctors here at Universal Pain Center will provide a committed service to patients by giving a one on one service and providing solutions for patients that are only suitable to their needs.

Since pain is an individual experience and the severity is unique to the patient, our physicians focus on diagnosing your specific cause for pain. Doing this allows us to provide the most personalized treatments possible to improve your life. With the use of individualized treatment plans offered by our doctors in a variety of specialties, patients are given the help they need to alleviate pain and suffering.

Our Doctors at Universal Pain Center:

  • Possess over 10 Years of quality service in pain management.
  • Provide treatment for chronic pain and pain management.
  • Have trusted physicians backed with years of experience diagnosing and treating patients with chronic pain.

At Universal Pain Center, we want to live by our goal and that is to provide patients to live pain free again. To learn more about us, call (414) 751-6599 today to schedule an appointment, or visit our blog for valuable information on Pain Management Issues.